Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Books: Windows Into the Past--and Future

I don't know if you are a book collector like I am, but if you are, I have discovered a wonderful place to explore needlepoint books you once owned but have forgotten, to see books you never knew existed, and to read fascinating reviews.

Come with me to New Needlepoint and start to explore.

The Featured Items on the home page always include several books, but the bulk of the books for sale are listed on the left navigation column by category, each with a color photo and an interesting review.  Marianne specializes in Bargello books but she has all kinds, recent and vintage.  The way she lists each book gives you a good glimpse into what it is like from the comfort of your own home.

Marianne talks further about many of the books she gets in to sell on her blog, including today's walk into 1970s needlepoint style.  Want to see a mini skirt in its natural habitat?  LOL

I know one reader emailed Marianne to thank her for pointing out a good book which the reader bought very cheaply elsewhere.  Remember, you might get a cheaper copy elsewhere, but Marianne's books are guaranteed to be in good condition.  She won't sell a book that isn't in good shape.  Besides, if we don't buy from book lovers like Marianne, they will stop selling and we'll lose the great reviews about books from the past we never heard of that will help us become better stitchers in the future.

Or at least remind us not to have photos taken in mini skirts.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com Archived Yahoo 360 postings at http://profiles.yahoo.com/chillyhollow

Stars: Marlon Brando

After I managed to finish the SharonG blue bow name tag without gluing myself to the dining room table, I picked up Stars and started on the next quilt block.  This block is named Marlon Brando and it is the first block on the left in the second row.   The center is several steps, the first of which is rather tricky if you don't pay attention to the diagram.  Not that I would *ever* do that, but I did have to pull it out twice before I got the count right....

As a reminder, my Stars colors are violet (A), black (B), terracotta (C) and copper metallic (D).  For the center the first step is black B9, Neon Rays N01, immediately covered by a woven sort of arrowhead shape using  violet A4, Impressions 6043.  The center has a partial copper Smyrna Cross (D3 Treasure Braid TR67) surrounded by lazy daisy stitches in the same thread that slip through the Smyrna Cross legs.  Then the rest of the Smyrna Cross is worked in the same D3 thread.  The middle of the lazy daisy stitches is just a long length of violet A1 Impressions 6042, which is slightly darker than the arrowhead shape's Impressions.  You end up with a raised cross that is quite striking.

The next step is to surround the center with what look like petals to me.  This is done in violet A8 (the nylon perle Patina PA267).  Then you do a mirror image of the petals using copper D3 (Treasure Braid TR67 again).  That's where I was in the photo above, just starting the mirror image of the inner purple petals in my copper thread.  I realized I was getting tired as the first copper petal didn't line up with the second so I started ripping out.  I'll try again when I am not so tired.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com Archived Yahoo 360 postings at http://profiles.yahoo.com/chillyhollow