Thursday, September 27, 2018

ANG Exhibit Pieces

The articles about folks' experiences at ANG's 2018 Seminar are getting quite long, so I thought I'd post links to the designs exhibited in a separate article. First up is Vicky who won the Small Masterpiece ribbon.

Next is Sondra who didn't win anything but our hearts with her jewel-colored kimono on black.

Carol's original design, "Ladybird," won the Sampler Award.

Donna won a third place for Quest Challenge piece!

Melita won a third place ribbon for her Crescent Journey, an original piece she designed through an Orna Willis design class.  She requested a judge's critique and got some valuable tips.

She also exhibited an original design and got some interesting information in the critique for this one.

Jan won a third place for her original design as well.

Deborah won a first place ribbon for her Shorebird Studio koi.

Funda Scully designed and stitched this beautiful USA box which won two ribbons.

Have you noticed that the major ribbons ANG awards all have stitched centers?  Here is a good look at some that Brenda stitched for ANG.  They are beautiful and make winning one even more special.

My final link isn't to an exhibit piece, but an award winner all the same.  Ruth Schmuff was awarded ANG's Literary Award for 2018!

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