Saturday, May 7, 2011

Marlene's Hair

Yesterday I got a nice email from Robin King about one of her students at Amy Bunger's shop.  Robin wrote:

Hi Jane. I wanted to mention I had Marlene S. use Twisted Lazy Daisy stitch for the hair in this Barbara Elmore piece:

Marlene was wanting the hair to be 3-D and we achieved that look. I used the same Twisted Lazy Daisy stitch for Katt Z. Witch's hair.
Thanks for your wonderful hair postings. Looking forward to seeing Red Geisha's hairdo."

For those who don't remember, here's the link to Robin's Katt Z. Witch.  I especially admire her hair which makes me think of Hermonine Granger from the Harry Potter stories.  I never would have guess both hairs were done in the same stitch, however.  Changing threads makes a big difference!

Many thanks to Robin for sharing the hair technique she helped Marlene settle on.

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Maggie Predicts Royal Hat?

If you watched any news coverage of the Royal Wedding last week, you probably noticed the hat worn by Princess Beatrice.  It was eye-catching, to say the least!

What I realized today while browsing eBay was that Maggie has a canvas of a woman sporting a very similar hat.  You can see the needlepoint version by clicking on this link or by searching for item number 200577939006 which is titled "Maggie Handpainted Donut Lady Canvas 14" x 14".


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