Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Favorites from Destination Dallas

Now that the excitement of Destination Dallas is over and the shop owners and designers have dragged their bodies home, unpacked and slept for a week, it's time for a recap of all the things I thought interesting. This is me, mind you, with all my biases. There is something for everyone in the world of needlepoint so don't miss browsing the running dialogue on the Destination Dallas tab as shops and designers let us know what caught their eyes or what they are particularly proud of.  Here's the link.

dede's Bear

My favorite new canvases are from dede Odgen and Vicki Sawyer.  Here is dede's "Snowy Nap Bear."  I love the realism of this piece.

Vicki Sawyer's Sheep Angel
Vicki Sawyer (a new artist whose work Melissa Shirley is reproducing on needlepoint canvas) has a fabulous sheep Nativity angel.  I love the whimsy of this piece.  You can see more of Vicki's work on Melissa's website.

My Katie Boo for Leigh Designs

But more than animal canvases caught my eye.  My favorite new series is Leigh Designs' Lil Goblins.  I can't top what Leigh wrote about them--

"Our neighborhood kids are all grown up and gone. Regardless, every Halloween we decorate and have candy on hand -- and every Halloween the doorbell remains silent as the night moves on undisturbed. To remedy this pitiful scene, I created our own neighborhood kids. Now, on All Hallows Eve, the Lil’ Goblins stand up on our dining room table. Smiling, we happily devour the candy ourselves! There are eight spooky 6” tall designs on 18 mesh French Blue mono."

Of course I have to reveal I stitched Katie for Leigh and my friend Pat is going to stitch Janie.  My stitch guide is ready already but Pat won't start on my namesake with my trademark pony tail until October.  (Sorry, I write these weeks ahead of the publication date and Pat's started her Lil Goblin.  You can watch her blog stitch Janie at the second link below.)   I am pretty sure Sandy Arthur is going to stitch one as well so stay tuned for much stitch guide fun.

JT Morrow Geisha with Fans
My favorite new designer is JT Morrow.  JT has two wonderful geisha canvases.  The dancing geisha with fans is pictured above but you'll have to click on this link to see the graceful geisha with her umbrella.

When it comes to books, I want to get my hot little hands on Lynda Richardson's first book, Stitches a la Carte.  Lynda is the genius behind Dreamhouse Ventures and her book sold out at Dallas.  Here's a sneak peek.  Doesn't it sound like a book with personality?  I get tired of the useful books full of stitch diagrams but no real glimpse of the author.  I use them all the time but I remember the great books about needlepoint that Sylvia Sidney and Mary Martin wrote in the 1970s.  This book might have both diagrams and soul.

I need some of that hot pink Frye Werks!  It is called Super Pink.  Trust me, it'll jump out from the photos at you.

I liked seeing all the designer model photos that Erin took.  I'm not really interested in any of the projects but a good finisher works magic and there are some great display ideas here for those who don't have room for another pillow or picture.

Everyone has their favorites from the show.  What's yours?  Post in the comments below.

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Missed the Christmas Finishing Deadline?

If you missed the Christmas finishing deadline at your local shop, Stitch By Stitch points out it is not the end of the world. Simply pick up a self-finishing piece and go to town like the ones from Lee that the shop has in stock right now.

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