Tuesday, March 8, 2022

One Kurdy Biggs Ornament Done, A Second Started UPDATED

Brenda is working on a ANG Workshop by Mail, two charted ornaments on perforated paper designed by Kurdy Biggs.  The first is finished and lovely.

Of course these could be done on needlepoint canvas.  Now we wait to see the second!

By the way, Melita is stitching a second Kurdy Biggs design from the 2021 ANG Seminar.

It's looking very pretty but I highly recommend you work from the center out on these geometric pieces as Brenda recommends.  It's just easier to count and re-count.

UPDATE:  Brenda is stitching both ornaments twice and changing the thread and background color each time.  It's amazing how that changes the emphasis of the design.

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