Monday, October 7, 2019

At the ANG Seminar in Houston 2019

ANG's annual seminar is in Houston, Texas this year. Lots of folks are going.  I have a ton of links to information and reports from Seminar-goers, so pour your favorite beverage and browse!

ANG has posted a list of exhibit winners here.

Melita is there with friends, so they make a shop run, then she registered for Seminar.  She's taking a Kay Stanis silk and metal embroidery class.

She also did a one day class with Cynthia Thomas on manipulating threads and stitches and had a lot of fun designing stitches.

Plus Melita won a ribbon exhibiting this lovely piece which is her original design. Congratulations!

DMBstitch also took Cynthia's class.

Melita had fun buying books at Expo Night.  You might be interested in the two she found.  The Lone Star Chapter's book of stitches is available from several of the Texas shops.  See the second link below for a list.

Jan is having a very nice time.  Besides indulging in lots of relaxation, she is taking Nancy Cucci's "December Dazzle."

Rosie is taking Jennifer Riefenberg's "Winter Lights" (and showing off her new Woodlawn souvenir earrings).

Rosie also is taking Cynthia Thomas' painted canvas class, "Lady with Mandala II."

DMBstitch is taking Toni Gerdes' class "Abyss."

She's also taking Jennifer Reifenberg's "More Color Play."

JA Williams is taking Lois Kershner's "Mt. Whitney Waterfall," which is a photo transfer design.

Sue is taking "Beaded Bermuda Reef," a class (with beaded fringe) by Kathy Rees.

Sue is also taking a class with Wendy Moore.  It looks wonderful!

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