Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Crabby Beader

Suzanne at Hugs and Stitches is totally covering her latest canvas in beads. She has some great ideas, like using double-sided tape to hold her various bead colors in the margin of the canvas, and she is doing tent stitch beading for the crab to make it stand out a bit from the brick stitch beaded background.

 Note that she is adding more blues to the water to give it motion and is using three types of beading--adding beads to a brick stitch, adding beads to a tent stitch and "messy" beading.  Suzanne's explanation of the various bead and beading thread colors she used is very interesting.

You can see the entire canvas here.  It is from Point of It All Designs.

If you decided to try this, I suggest you start with a small canvas.  A canvas totally covered in beads is very very heavy.

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