Friday, March 24, 2017

Travel Designs UPDATED

Folks are always looking for a design to commemorate a trip or a favorite town, so I thought I'd make a list of the various designers who have lots of these destination canvases.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

Denise DeRusha has quite a few small square travel location designs.  She also has Christmas trees around the world ornaments (second link below)

DJ Designs does several D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, and NYC travel designs, sized from stockings to pillows to oval ornaments.

Doolitle Stitchery has a series of ski travel squares, ovals, rounds and ski pillows plus a few European destination travel ornaments, too.

Ewe and Eye has a really charming Lithuania ornament.  I hope they have more along these lines!

In Good Company has an extensive line of printed mini sock canvases for cities, states and countries. Check their Out West squares for regional themed designs as well.

Kathy Brandt does little stockings and round travel ornaments.

Kathy Schenkel has an extensive line of travel rounds. Don't miss her Michigan Mittens series, either (second link below).

Kirk and Bradley has a whole series of travel ornaments as well as some regular-sized designs. They even have a few belts!

NeedlePaint has introduced travel rounds for Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, Thailand, and Venice.  Note that these are printed, not hand painted.

NeedlePaint has new designs for New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and New Orleans.  They also do custom destination ornaments.

Painted Pony Designs has travel angels in their popular series of little angel canvases.

Painted Pony also has round ornaments for various locations.

Ruth Schmuff has a line of map designs that might be of interest.

Silver Needle has an extensive line of travel ornaments. You can see them starting on page 12 of the Colonial Needle catalogue.  Also look at the brick covers.

Silver Needle has a travel ornament for all 50 states now.

Trubey has several lovely large travel bell pull canvases for those who want to celebrate their favorite places in a larger format.

Trubey also has a series of travel "inserts" which are 6x7 inch rectangles. The motifs from the inserts are repeated by Trubey in round ornaments.

Poppy Monk Needlepoint has vintage designs that mix fashion with Paris, London and NYC.

Audry Wu's passport stamp designs are great and different.  Currently available:  Paris, NYC, Florence, Tokyo, London and North Pole.

CH Designs (represented by Painted Pony) has added state and country candy canes to their line.  An example of each is below.

NeedlePaint has designed a series of national park ornaments that are printed, making them cheaper than a hand painted design.

KCN now has heart-shaped travel ornaments.

Louise's Needlework has a local painter who will do custom travel rounds.

Ann Kay Studio has island designs that are unique and perfect for your collection.

Garden Gate Needlepoint is partnering with Cheryl Schaeffer on these three California-themed travel rounds for Anaheim, Pasadena and Santa Monica.

Atlantic Blue Canvas has some cute small square travel canvases.  Search on the designer name at if the link doesn't work.

Ash and Gin has a new series of national parks designs.  Note:  these are printed canvases.

Whipstitch has started designing state stamps that feature the state bird and flower, like this one for Virginia.

The Meredith Collection introduced a series of binoculars with travel destinations reflected in the lenses Fall 2023.  New York, NYC, Paris, Italy, London and the beach are available to date.

Hopefully the travel design you want is among those listed above.

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