Friday, June 24, 2011

Lee Self Finishing Belts

Thanks to Barbara Bergsten, I have a link to photos of Lee's latest leather goods--iPad cases, nylon totes (I own one and it is FABULOUS), and a new self-finishing belt.  If hip hugging belts come back in style, these belts will sell like hotcakes.  After all, I remember how great I looked in the style....

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The Sequin Sizer UPDATED

Sequin Sizer (18 count)
Several folks have been asking about sequin sizes on Stitcherie, so I promised I'd look at my Sundance sequins and try to come up with a way to estimate how large their various shapes of sequins are and also how much canvas real estate each size covers.  I don't have any scraps of 13 count canvas lying around, so I am using 18 count as my baseline.  I also don't have any brands of sequins except for Sundance's.  However, if I can figure out how many threads a 4 mm sequin covers on 18 count, at least that will be somewhat helpful.  Maybe another blogger with 13 count canvas and other brands of sequins can do a followup posting.

First of all, you should know that there are 25.4 millimeters in one inch.  A 6 mm sequin is roughly 1/4 inch wide and tall while a 4 mm sequin is more than 1/8 inch but less than 3/16 inch wide and tall.  In terms of threads on a needlepoint canvas, for 18 count a--
2 mm sequin will cover about 2 tent stitches;
4 mm sequin will cover about 4 tent stitches;
6 mm sequin will cover about 5 tent stitches;
13 mm sequin will cover about 9 tent stitches.

This is approximate.  My measurements are based on Sundance brand sequins.  Their sequins are pretty uniform in shape but not entirely, plus shaped sequins like the cupped sequins or flower shaped ones will cover irregular areas on the canvas.  But perhaps this will be a rough guide for folks who have to mail order sequins and want to know the right size.

In the photo above, there are no 2 mm sequins.  The 4 mm column shows (top to bottom) Sundance's small embossed square transparent colored squares ("Etched Panel Square BDS-SQ110" which comes in a packet of assorted colors), their cupped flower sequins which are not flat but shaped ("Raised Flower BDS-SQ103") and which also come in a packet of assorted colors, and the black faceted sequins ("BDS-SQ112 Black Shimmer") which come in a packet of all black.

The 6 mm column shows (top to bottom) Sundance's large round embossed circle sequins (sorry, there is no identifying number on the packet but it comes in assorted colors) and their large wild animal print square sequins ("BDS-SQ106 Animal Square" in a packet of assorted colors).

The 13 mm column only has Sundance's flower sequins "BDS-SQ101 Opaque Flower") which have an iridescent finish and come in a packet of assorted pastel colors.

Hope this helps!  By the way, Vicky has posted a great photo of a wide assortment of Sundance sequins on her blog. You can see the possibilities here.

UPDATE:  I've discovered the 2mm sequins from The Collection can be held down by a size 14/0 (sometimes written as size 14) bead.  Size 11/0 beads completely cover a 2mm sequin so you can't see it.

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