Friday, December 13, 2019

Gobelin with Many Variations

In the same week both Sheena and Needlepoint for Fun talked about gobelin stitch and some of its many variations. (Great minds think alike!)  Needlepoint for Fun has diagrams and stitched examples of regular and encroaching gobelin stitch.  I particularly like that they show it slanting both left and right as well as upright and turned to the side.  This makes it easy to use various slants on a piece of clothing, for example.

Sheena goes one step further by showing what she calls slanting encroaching gobelin (I call it interlocking gobelin) and then combining several versions to create a unique and interesting stitch that would work for animals so that you can do the legs, chest and head of a dog for example in a related stitch that bends and turns as the dog's body does.

I love these stitches for fur and am wondering how they'd work for bird feathers….

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