Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Favorites from Destination Dallas 2019

Speaking of BUY IT NOW, I've had lots of fun looking at the latest new designs that were revealed at Destination Dallas last week.  As usual, I have favorites and I've been looking at trends.

"Beach Happy" from Melissa Prince

It seems lamas and dogs are very popular now.  I've seen lots of new dog canvases.  The above is my favorite from Melissa Prince, but she has several others available, including a hilarious mystery lovers dachshund that I call "Baskerville."

Ehrman has lots of fun new dog kits from Magie Hollingworth (second link below shows just one of many)...

…and Pippin has a wonderful black lab.

"Peruvian Reindeer Sweater" from Tapestry Fair 
This Tapestry Fair llama is a charmer.  There are two others in the series.

Designer Unknown
Birds and Halloween continue to be big themes.  This wonderful crow piece with tropical drinks (designer unknown) made me smile.

Owl with Birds, Mary Lake-Thompson of Melissa Shirley Designs

I like this birds canvas a lot, don't you?  This is from Mary Lake-Thompson, distributed by Melissa Shirley.

The Owl from Sandra Gilmore

I love this owl.  It appears to be from Sandra Gilmore of Once in a Blue Moon Designs/Fleur de Paris.  Lots of personality in this bird!

3K's White Fox Ornament

I also love 3K Design's fox canvas.  There is so much you can do in this small space!

Amanda Lawford/Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery

Dragons of course are classics.  This Chinese New Year Dragon is from Amanda Lawford of Vallerie Needlepoint Gallery.

Love You More 
Personally I love stitching people and I really like this Love You More angel.  She's perfect.

Colors of Praise

This small Colors of Praise portrait reminds me of a dear friend.

Face Cards, DJ Designs

This stylized playing card is fun!  I know a lot of folks are intimidated by stitching people but these from the playing cards series would be an easy stitch.  There are quite a few in the set.  Designer is DJ Designs, courtesy of my spies!

Mary Lake-Thompson's "Halloween Pumpkin Hat"

I also really like this Mary Lake-Thompson piece of a witch with her red-winged blackbird and decorated hat.

Gayla Elliott/The Collection Designs

The new portraits by Gayla Elliott (The Collection Designs) are wonderful.  I think these are all six inches square so they wouldn't be too big to work on.  It's hard to choose one!

Asian Woman, Colors of Praise

But I think this is my very favorite canvas of all I've seen.  It s from Colors of Praise.

If you can identify the designer of the folks I can't, please let me know.  Leave a comment below or email me at chillyhollow at hot mail dot com.  Thanks!

UPDATE:  Many thanks to Carolyn Hedge Baird for helping me credit designers.

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Why You Should Buy NOW UPDATED

Ophelia, from Manuel Salas/Tapestry Fair

Tricia Nguyen has done more than anyone to revive the art of 17th Century stumpwork caskets for 21st Century stitchers.  Read this and you'll understand why the last casket class is coming up.

(By the way, if you are interested in taking the last casket class, here's the info.)

(And here are some of the caskets, just because.)

All this doesn't just apply to folks who want to recreate 17th Century boxes and mirrors.  It applies to us all.  Needlework in general is based on small businesses.  Your favorite designer is going to get sick and die eventually, or just plain want to retire.  What will  happen to their business?  Who knows?!  Do you have that one piece you really really want to stitch stashed away?

Artists decide not to renew agreements to have their work reproduced on needlepoint canvas.  See Ophelia above?  That canvas is no longer available because Manuel Salas' licensing agreement with Tapestry Fair has ended.  Unless you can find this canvas tucked away in a shop or someone agrees to let it go from their stash, you are out of luck.

Sometimes the family businesses that are the heart of the world of needlepoint buy the rights to someone's designs.  We all owe a debt to Fleur de Paris and Colonial Needle and many other distributors who are handling the designs we love.  But what happens when the family members start to die out?  Will their kids want to continue?

What will happen when Gloriana's and Kreinik's owners want to retire?  We got lucky when the owner of Needle Necessities died and their dyer opened ThreadWorX.  Will lightning strike twice?

We worry about growing new needlepointers but we need to be equally concerned about growing the little companies that supply us with charts, canvases, threads, scissors and more.

This all hangs by —pardon me— a thread.

So go buy that canvas or chart or thread or pair of fancy scissors that tempts you.  You never know when it will vanish forever.  Buying that thing secures your dream but it also helps secure the dream for the future needlepointer we haven't even met yet.

UPDATE:  Inspirations magazine has a quick profile of Tricia and Richard Oedel, the gentleman who handmade all the caskets for her classes.

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