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Planet Earth's Key Fob Instructions

Key Fob, Canvas, Instructions, Paper Pattern

I received one of Planet Earth's key fobs as a present for Christmas, along with a tiny canvas and two cards of Planet Earth's Essentials.  Lucky me!  If you haven't seen them in person, the fob is made from heavy leather with a key ring and a clip to attach to your purse or tote bag. They come in a large selection of colors and are self-finishing.

All you need is a canvas that's about an inch in diameter and you are good to go.  My canvas is from Kristine Kingston and is a darling little Adirondack chair.  Check with your favorite shop.  They often kit the fob with a coordinating canvas and the threads needed to stitch it.

My canvas and fob came with two cards of Planet Earth Fibers' Essentials, which is a silk-wool blend sort of like Caron's Impressions but smaller in diameter.  Stitch the canvas (which will only take 2-3 hours) and follow these instructions:

An instruction card comes with the key fob.  I measured the canvas and the key fob area where it will go and discovered I should stitch up to, but not over, the gray line surrounding the canvas.  After I stitched the design I cut it out at the outside edge of the gray line so there's one unstitched thread left.  I recommend you stitch the canvas in basketweave for durability as you have to shove the canvas under the leather and it'll be tossed in your bag and bang against things.  

I suggest besides using a butter knife (some folks use leather burnishers or the blue tack remover that comes with a box of tacks for attaching canvas to your stretcher bars) that you use tweezers to help get all the waxed paper away from the sticky surface.  It will sometimes tear off unevenly and leave a bit under the leather edge.  A little doesn't matter but you want to get the bigger pieces up.  Tweezers help with that.

Center your canvas and push it down in the middle with your thumbs, then use your fingernail (or the butter knife or similar tool) to go around the inside edge, pushing the canvas down there.  You'll have the edges sticking up as you see on the paper pattern I made above.  That is what you want.  

Now you can take the blunt tool you've chosen to lift up the leather lip slightly.  Use the tool to push the outside edge of the canvas under the leather.  Continue around the canvas--lifting the leather, then pushing the canvas under it.  The canvas is stiff so go slowly and work it under gently.  If you have a thread start to come away, don't worry.  Cut it off if you can or shove it under the leather lip with the butter knife.  

Once the canvas is under the edge of the leather, press it down with your fingers well, just in case you didn't get it firmly stuck to the sticky layer earlier.  Add your keys and you are good to go!

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