Sunday, September 15, 2019

Got Stitches Too? Size Matters (Book Review)'s blog has put up a nice book review of the latest book from Gone Stitching—Got Stitches Too? Size Matters.

It's not a very thick book but it has colorful diagrams that are easy to read (assuming you aren't color blind) and also includes stitched samples of each stitch.  I think the series is very well priced, too.

This is the third book from Gone Stitching.  Got Stitches:  Multi-Layered Stitches for Needlepoint was their first book and Holey Stitches!  A Guide to Judaic Themed Needlepoint Canvases was their second. All three are the same spiral bound size with heavy stock paper and clear diagrams. The two Got Stitches? books have colored diagrams and stitched samples.  Holey Stitches is much shorter (only 19 pages) with simpler diagrams and a lovely charted Hebrew alphabet and no stitched samples.  The stitches in Holey Stitches are for things like a Star of Dave, doves, domes, challah, mountains, buildings, wine cups, a Torah, etc.   It is more a specialty book but if you need a Hebrew alphabet or ideas for a piece for a Jewish friend, this is a great purchase.

You can order directly from the shop if your favorite store doesn't have these in stock.

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