Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Letters on the Pirate Cat's Sign

The lettering on the pirate cat's sign is done!  Like all beading, it seemed to take forever, but I think it looks great.   The turquoise blue shade of the beads stands out very well against the pumpkin orange background, and is able to compete with the sparkly orange because the beads are dark and faceted.  I have some small round navy beads that looked ok, but the faceted turquoise beads looked great.  I always go for Great over Ok, don't you?

Black beads would work just fine here as well, but I went with the turquoise blue beads because they are a slightly darker shade than the thread I choose to stitch the bandanas around the cat's neck and head.  Just like when you add accessories to match your outfit, picking colors for various parts of your canvas that harmonize almost always is the right thing to do.

In stitching news, Needle House in Houston has posted their Autumn Newsletter on their website.  There is lots of good information, from a book review to a diagrammed fancy stitch, plus a great stitching tip.  You'll find the newsletter link on the right side of their home page.

I happened across great photos of the diachroic glass needle minders on The World in Stitches' blog. I bought one in shades of pink and gold at my last visit to Waste Knot and just love it.  Click on the tiny photos to see more shapes and sizes.  If you fall in love, just the contact information in the second link to order from the shop.

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