Saturday, March 4, 2017

Stumpwork for the 21st Century

I'm a big fan of Tricia Nguyen's work analyzing and teaching 17th Century embroidery techniques, particularly on stumpwork caskets and the threads used by our stitching ancestors. As part of her casket class, Tricia has been having a contest to see who could some up with the best "toys" for their caskets.  This is the grand prize winner.  Don't drool all over your keyboard, ok?

You can see more of Janet's work by following her blog.  These postings talk about the making of Janet's casket toys.

Here is a video of Janet's flat topped cabinet.   It is a different style reproduction 17th Century casket but equally amazing!

For insight into making these stumpwork pieces, follow Rachel's blog.

It's truly amazing what Tricia and her students are doing. I just hope all the thread companies today have an eye toward building an archive explaining how they make their threads.  Just so the 22nd Century stitchers have a hope of doing what their stitching ancestors have done.

UPDATE:  Here is Tricia's cabinet, finished.  Done in tent stitches on linen.

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