Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Temple For Suzy

The Framed Model
Suzy asked me to post a photo of the finished Temple of 1000 Cranes.  So here they are!

Finished but Unframed
This is a canvas by Leigh Designs, one of her series of eight fantasy pagodas.  This is the first one Leigh designed.

Roof and Trees Closeup
These are big canvases, 11x14 on 18 count, so it is hard to get a good photo but here are some closeups of several areas.  My personal favorite part is the temple itself, particularly the roof.

Rocks and stone steps closeup
The stone steps and rocks turned out particularly well, though.  The design was stitched with light coverage stitches and I didn't stitch the background much at all.  If Leigh hadn't talked me out of it, I would not have stitched the big tree in the background on the right at all but Leigh thought it would look better if it were stitched to match the left big tree.

One Last View of Everything
Hope you enjoyed the show, Suzy!

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Kelly Clark Speaks

Actually the fact that she can speak at all--much less blog--is pretty impressive a few days after the madness that is a TNNA wholesale market!  But speak she does, showing off her newest designs.  Click on each photo for a better view.
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Designer Updates

Jude's Skateboard Witch
Now that the TNNA show in Columbus is over, I've started browsing designer websites, looking for updates of the newest painted canvases.  So far, here's what I've found:

Renaissance Designs has some wonderful little kimono doll kits that might be perfect for teaching that child in your life to stitch.  As usual, their Halloween pieces are wonderful and that standup Patchwork Santa is pretty amazing, too.

Colors of Praise does wonderful birds and flower designs, but look! There's a geisha, too!

Amanda Lawford has added some wonderful animal designs, particularly the funny dog pieces starting on page 7.  No geishas were spotted.  :(

Canvas Candy has new juvenile and Christmas ornament/canvas sets.  (The geisha is under Asian.  LOL)

A Dragon's Tale is featuring new fairy tale canvases based on her sister's paintings.  Since I love fairy tale canvases almost as ones with Asian themes, we'll let the lack of a geisha slide here.

I believe the garden pieces are new also.

Jude Designs has added some wonderful things to her line.  There's a magnificent Madonna and Child and the totally hilarious Skateboard Witch you see at the top of the page.  No geishas but her 12 Cajun Days of Christmas totally makes up for the lack.

Finally, Julia's Needleworks has six pages of new designs.  Howl at the Moon Diva will capture some folks' eye while others will be totally charmed by the 3-D prairie dog needlepoint.  There is a Nativity set, a series of fashion plate ladies, Toby jug canvases, and an elephant on a flying carpet.  Fans of Peter Ashe will enjoy looking at his small round Nutcracker ornaments.

Unique New Zealand has some wonderful geometrics and a line of hilarious Keep Calm signs.

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