Friday, May 4, 2012

By Popular Demand

Watson, the Great Pyrenees
I've had several folks ask me how the new puppy Watson is getting along.

He's 18 months old now and HUGE, but he is still very much a puppy in his behavior. In my experience, large dogs mature slower than small ones.

He got a new toy yesterday, a stuffed alligator with a squeaker inside.  Watson LOVES new toys.

Suki Without a Toy
Suki is seven years old and although she likes having a new toy (hers is a bear), she doesn't play with them much.  Mostly she just puts them on her dog bed and lays down on them.

Watson Loves His New Toy
I put the dog toys away in the toy box last night and sealed the lid. This morning I found the alligator in the living room.  Watson knows how to open the lid of the Rubbermaid box where his toys live.

Watson obviously wanted to play with Alligator this morning.

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The Delights of Counted Canvaswork

If you don't understand the charms of counted canvaswork, read what Ruth has to say about the Counted Room in her shop.  Think about it--picking a background color and then threads for a lovely pattern, all in a space dedicated to counted designs.  What fun!

Ruth is charmed by one of Kurdy Bigg's designs, Cat's Eyes.  I saw the original Cleopatria colorways at Woodlawn last year and it is magnificent!  Ruth gives you the link to Threedle's website but I think the best place to see all the versions of this design (and others from Kurdy) is at Scarlet Thread.

I can feel the charm of this piece whispering to me but for now, I'm going to watch Needleartnut stitch it.  She likes the blue Venus version of this piece.  After all, I'll have to be able to count correctly to stitch this, which is always problematic for me.

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