Friday, October 15, 2010

My Tombstones

The cemetery is starting to come to life.  (Did I just say that?!) I've completed the stone cross except for two missed stitches I found this morning as soon as I picked up the piece in the sunlight. I'll fix that later today.   I have the lettering done on the cracked tombstone and am almost half finished covering it in stitches.  As I've said before, once the tombstones are finished, I will work on the grass.

I chose a variation of cashmere stitch for the cracked tombstone.  This area slants / toward Luna's feet (actually, almost everything in this composition points to her).  So I wanted a diagonal stitch that slanted the same way and one that had some texture but not too much.  I want it more prominent than the cross but not so much that it detracts from Luna herself or the crow sitting on top of the cross.  Some test stitching lead me to diagonal cashmere.

I've just had a thought.  What would it look like if the diagonal cashmere slanted the other way?  Would that counteract the intent of the designer or make the tombstone even less prominent?  Any thoughts?  I'm not changing it, mind.  I just wondered....

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