Wednesday, June 2, 2021

More Beginners' Guide to Needlepoint: Basketweave

Today I'd like to talk about the stitches I'm going to use on my little torch ginger mini sock.   You can see the design above.  If you missed Part One from yesterday, here's the link.

I'm using tent stitches on the design.  This is the most basic needlepoint stitch.  It looks like this / and from the front you see rows of ///////.  However, there are three types of tent stitches:  continental, half cross and basketweave.  I'm using basketweave for the background, the leaves and the lighter pink of the flowers.

Basketweave is tent stitches done on the diagonal, which makes it a little tricky.  (Half cross and continental are done in horizontal or vertical rows.)  This is a good tutorial.

If you look at the black and white numbered diagram in the Poppy Monk tutorial, you'll see the last diagonal row you've finished makes little "teeth" that the next row you do will slot into, sort of like a zipper.  Make sure you read the tips at the bottom of the article.  If you have areas you need to skip over on your canvas, here's a tutorial on that.

Here's my start on the background.  Tomorrow I'll talk about all the yellow "tails" you see sticking out on the front.  It's my thread management, which isn't pretty but works for me.  But more on that tomorrow.  

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