Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Everything Blackwork is New Again UPDATED

I have used blackwork patterns on top of skirts belonging to Joan Thommason angels, so I have been interested to hear that Julia Snyder's latest book is about blackwork patterns on needlepoint canvas.  I haven't seen the book personally, though.  Pocket Full of Stitches has a brief review and photos of the inside pages.

Janet Perry has a copy of the book and gives us a review on her site.

Janet also just reviewed the Royal School's book on blackwork, and...

...she has reviewed Laura Perin's blackwork book, too.  Since Laura is a counted canvaswork designer, this one is of particular interest to us needlepointers.

UPDATE:  I belatedly realized I should have provided links to examples of Joan Thomasson angels showing the use of blackwork patterns on their skirts.  The last two examples of angels on this page show the blackwork patterns fairly well.  Click on the thumbnails for a glimpse.

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