Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The Rose Leaf Stitch

When it comes to my own stitching, I have favorite stitches I use over and over again.  I love interlocking Gobelin for dog fur, Diagonal Mosaic for slanting stitches on things like cat ears, Double Stitch is great for small areas that need a little extra something to make them stand out, etc.  I know what works for me but that sometimes means I get into a rut and use the same stitch over and over.

So this morning I was excited to learn about a new stitch for leaves called Rose Leaf Stitch.  Mary Corbet has mentioned it several times on her website but somehow I never noticed it.  But who can resist a leaf stitch achieved with cardboard and a crochet needle?!  Especially since it also makes great flower buds....

I may never use it but it's fun to learn about and who knows...?  It might just be perfect on a canvas I've been meaning to stitch for a while.

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