Friday, July 6, 2012

Things You Might Need UPDATED A THIRD TIME

Suddenly this week there are a lot of online postings about various tools folks might want to use to help them stitch.   Makes me think someone turned on the big neon sign in the sky and it read Tools, Talk Tools!

Who am I to not listen?  LOL

Here are the items you might want to browse.  First is Bedecked and Beadazzled talking boxes.  But they are just any box, they are elegant leather boxes and containers in all colors to hold wonderful tools.

UPDATE:  You can see more of the boxes here.  The second link is to the company website.  Rowallan is a Scottish firm, a specialist in leather goods.

Mary Corbet has a set of needle I.D. cards that look very useful if you have a lot of needles you don't know the size or name of.  These come from Access Commodities which has donated a set to Mary to give away.

Needlepoint Tool Time's blog is showing off the new tubular Sparkles and the skin thread collection from Access Commodities (which I think it hard to find, so act now).  I believe the instructions on how to use the silks for shading skin was written by Tony Minieri, so that alone is worth having.

Here's their website.

Finally, here's a really good photo and description of the EZ Beader.

UPDATE:  A friend just sent me this link to an Italian line of automatic needle threaders.  She got hers for $5 on Amazon but shop around and make sure you get the size you will use most.  Anyone with trouble threading needles probably should look into getting one of these.  Thanks, L!

UPDATE:  Bohin makes a needle threader, too.  This video talks about how it works and gives tips on how to use it.

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Invitation to a Garden Party

Ruth is throwing a Garden Party! The featured guest is this collage design from Eye Candy which is the subject of Ruth Schmuff's next mystery class.  No one, not even Ruth, knows exactly how this will turn out but since Ruth loves color and bling and wonderful stitches, this is a party you want to RSVP for as soon as possible.

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