Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trish Online

Trish Burr is going to have cyberclasses this fall!  Two are offered, one for the beginner at needle painting and the other for a stitcher with a bit more experience.  If you are interested in realism in stitching, you'll want to check out the class details here.

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Trunk Shows, Newsletters and More

Roanoke Squirrel Clip on From Labors of Love
Needle House's latest newsletter heads off the summary of trunk shows and sales for this week.  The newsletter link is on their home page.  Just scroll down to the bottom and click on Summer-July to see the latest news, find out how to stitch the Tudor Stitch, and enjoy some British-themed designs.  It's also fun to click on the Projects to Stitch page to see their latest clubs and individual pieces that can be kitted up for easy stitching this summer.

Fireside Stitchery just announced an Edie and Ginger trunk show (ten percent off the canvases plus a free stitch guide and ten percent off the threads if you buy them at the same time).  These classic designs are distributed by CBK now.   Edie and Ginger created the craze for frog shaped frame weights and some classics like the Froggy Wizard of Oz and the surf frog, not to mention the frogs frolicking at the pool, are included in the trunk show.    You can also find their famous fairy tale pillow designs, intricate little vignettes of the stories we know so well, and many other timeless designs like the heart lady series or their intricate Christmas stockings that are going to look fabulous all in basketweave.

Ridgewood Needlepoint has Cooper Oaks canvases everywhere.  Their June trunk show canvases are twenty percent off and there are 500 to choose from!

BeStitched is having a SharonG trunk show (20 percent off).  Check the Sharong.com website for canvases, then head to the BeStitched website to order.

Peacock Alley is having an Associated Talents trunk show.  AT is another favorite designer or mine, so I am thrilled to see all the models and canvases on the Peahen's site.  Remember, many of these canvases have a free stitch guide on the AT website, so check there once you have chosen favorites to see if you can download a free guide to help you get started.


Bedecked and Beadazzled has the Labors of Love (20 percent off) at the shop.  Browse the Labors of Love website (second link) and then give them a call.


The Chaparral is having A Collection of Designs over for a trunk show that ends June 23.  They don't post images of trunk shows on their website (but there is contact info for those who want to buy).  Click on the second link to browse ACOD's wonderful pieces.


Rebecca Wood's trunk show (20 percent off) is at Thistle Needleworks in Connecticut.  If you don't like close enough to visit, go to their online shop Alex Paras Needlearts.

Are you a fan of the clip on bird canvases from Labors of Love?  But you aren't wild about birds or perhaps you have already stitched as many birds as you like and want something a bit different but similar?  Then I have a treat for you--Yarn Explosion in Roanoke has an exclusive clip on squirrel design that you can order.   You can see the canvas above.  Just contact them at the second link for the details.


The Classic Stitch in Illinois has invited The Studio to be their trunk show for June.  Are you a fan of their "topper" canvases?  If so, give Classic Stitch a call to see if your favorite little outfit is available.


Barbara Bergsten's designs are appearing at Sign of the Arrow this month.  Follow the links to the shop site.

The Nimble Needle in Atlanta has two trunk shows for June:  the Julia belt collection and Sandra Gilmore's Once in a Blue Moon canvases. The second link is their website with contact information in case you need help selecting just the right belt canvas or want to get the price for that Gilmore canvas you've had your eye on.


Ridgewood has the Cooper Oaks trunk show at their shop (20 percent off).

The Needlepointer's trunk show for June is from Birds of a Feather.  Check their website for details.

Bristly Thistle has Point of It All Designs as their current trunk show (20 percent off). You can see a preview of the collection here.

All  patriotic-themed canvases are 25 percent off at Stitch By Stitch during June to celebrate Flag Day.

Eye Candy (and the rest of Ruth Schmuff's designs) is appearing at Barbara's Needlepoint in Souix Falls.  Check out the photos and follow the links to Barbara's Facebook page as the shop doesn't have a website.

Finally, Old World Designs is having a Julia, Beth Gantz and an Associated Talents trunk show in june plus a Julie Pischke trunk show in July! Read all about it in their newsletter.

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
Blogging at http://chillyhollownp.blogspot.com
and at http://chstitchguides.blogspot.com