Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb. 8 is Harikuyo

Today is February 8, the day when many shrines in Japan celebrate the Festival of Broken Needles, or Karikuyo.  I am snowbound and not celebrating (although I continue to add old needles to my collection for next year) but I thought you might enjoy reading a bit about this celebration.  I rarely break needles but I did last night as my beading needle eye gave way.  That needle immediately was put away and I remembered Harikuyo.

Valentine's Day is drawing closer and Gay Ann Rogers is celebrating by selling some of her heart designs.  Details and photos of these exquisite pieces are on her website.  But act now.  She does not have sales often or for long.

I didn't finish beading the bra last night. I was too tired after shoveling show off the upper deck, clearing a path from the breezeway into the yard and starting to shovel snow off the front porch.  But only a bit of the left strap is done and the tv has come back on now that some of the roof snow has melted and the satellite dish is visible again.  We didn't miss the Superbowl which I fully expected.  So life is good.  I'll get busy and try to finish the beading by tomorrow so I can start the leaping deer background around the beaded tap pants.

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