Friday, August 9, 2019

Haylo Emergency Power LED Light Bulbs

Do you have lots of power outages? Do you go places with lots of power outages (or just dim lighting)? Then you'll be interested in the Haylo Emergency Power LED Light Bulbs that Pat Correz told me about in June. (Hint: When Pat says something is useful, immediately get it. Pat knows her stuff Big Time.)

These bulbs have a lithium battery backup circuit.  They work in regular lights as long as there is a single on/off switch.  (They won't work in ceiling fans with multiple bulbs and aren't dimmable. It's likely that if your lamp is on a wall switch instead of your turning it on with the lamp's switch they won't work, either.)  They take 6-8 hours to fully charge, but also function as a regular light bulb.  So you can turn on your lamp and leave it on to charge when you first install one of these bulbs.  They are quite expensive but you get a discount for buying multiple bulbs.  I don't know how long they will last but generally LED bulbs are very long lasting.

When the power goes out, just turn on the lamp with this special bulb and it will burn for 3-4 hours.  They have to recharge after that but once the power's back you can use them as a regular bulb as they recharge.  The bulbs come with a plastic cap that goes over the socket base so you can carry it in hand to use like a flash light.  This cap has a built in hook so you can hang it to use as a light source.  Some folks say the plastic cap is rather cheap looking but works well.

Here's a video.  There are other brands available, but this is the one Pat uses and recommends.

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