Saturday, September 19, 2015

Miko's Face

Several years back I stitched Leigh Designs's Fash Insert "Miko" which is a portrait of a geisha sized to fit in those Leigh tote bags.  Here is the entire design for those interested in seeing the whole thing.

Her face, eyes and lips are done in the most common way we choose to stitch faces--tent stitches for the skin and eyes and mouth.  There are lots of things to consider in going this traditional route, however--things like what type thread and technical issues like perfecting your stitches so they don't distract from the emotion on the face.  The two links below summarize Miko very well I think.

Leigh Designs' Miko 7616
Here is Miko finished for your viewing pleasure.  She's a totally traditionally stitched face, so next time I'll talk about using stitches other than tent for a face.

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