Sunday, April 24, 2011

A New Trend--Thread Tastings

A new tread has been slowly spreading through the needlepoint shops--they are starting to showcase thread brands at special events.  I don't remember when I first noticed this but it has been in the last year and as a threadaholic, it's a trend that I applaud.  After all, there are so many threads available now, no one shop can carry them all, or even all the colors of the lines they do make room for.

The Needlepointer is having one of their periodic retreats and is offering a River Silks trunk show with all of the colors and sizes available, along with a class on using silk ribbon embroidery on needlepoint canvas.

Rittenhouse is going to have what they call a "thread tasting" in May.  Thread samples of new lines the shop is adding will be handed out and there will be refreshments and NP canvas to use for a bet of thread testing.  A good time is guaranteed for all.

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The Easter Bunny (and Friends)

With today being Easter (and Passover just past) I thought you'd enjoy seeing some Easter themed pieces.  First, look at the darling Easter houses that Robin has stitched.

Vicky has an Easter Egg house she's getting ready to stitch.  Look at those cute chicks! This canvas is by Needle Deeva and there is a matching bunny and basket house (second link).

Lastly, notice who shows up in the comments to give Vicky some really great pointers for stitching her house.

By the way, Vicky drops a hint about an article that will appear in Needlepoint Now (Vicky is the projects editor for the magazine) in the next few issues.

Happy Easter, everyone.  Eat a chocolate bunny for me!

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