Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Next Project

I've been rummaging in my stash, trying to see what I want to blog-stitch next.  But before I reveal my next public project, I thought I'd tell you about something that I've never stitched but that has started to intrigue me--projects with lettering.

I'm sure you've seen those signs from & More with a striped background.  They are always popular.

Of course many designers have saying canvases.  How about "Mermaid My Day" from CBK?

Or maybe Zecca's "Just Be Kind" will speak to you.!/Just-Be-Kind/p/35573110/category=8327483

The sky's the limit when it comes to styles that word canvases come in as these postings by Pocket Full of Stitches of the range of sayings they had in the shop in July demonstrate.

With all these sayings so popular, of course bloggers have talked about their current canvases and how they stitched them.  Suzanne in particular loves sayings canvases and has lots of great ideas for them.  She likes to use metallic and tent stitches for skinny lettering to make it pop off the background.

She loves large expanses of blank background so she can use complex, compound stitches in multiple threads there.

And she just figured out a way to make the slightly larger words raised.

 I'm sure I'll at least think about all these ideas as I start work on my new piece.  (Hint:  the color scheme of my new canvas is cream and lilac.)

I'll show you once I find stretcher bars and get it attached to them.

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A Motto to Live By

I just spotted Tess and Thorn's business card on Facebook. Words to live by!

If you want to see what these two get up to, here is the Tess and Thorn's website link.

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