Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CanvasWorks and More

Today I don't have access to my bookmarks and can't post any progress photos since Beloved is downloading an update to World of Warcraft.  It's been almost 12 hours since he started the download and since WOW claims they have 12 million subscribers, all of whom are trying to download the same things, the computer is tied up for another couple of hours still.

So why don't we go look at the CanvasWorks trunk show that Nimble Needle has posted on their blog?  Canvasworks doesn't have a website so this is a rare glimpse of their work.  The top blog entry is a plea for help finding beading ribbon, but four of the next five postings are all CanvasWorks canvases.  These are lovely classic designs, perfect for all basketweave in your most favorite thread in the world.

The mathematically inclinded might like to check out this posting.  I have no idea what a Hilbert curve is, but it makes great NP!

On another topic entirely, thanks to Kathy's Unbroken Thread blog (crewel embroidery mostly), I discovered Map Muse.  It tells you where to find embroidery, needlepoint and cross stitch shops when you travel.  If you are going anywhere, check it out.  (There is also a way to add shops that they have missed, so if your favorites aren't in the system, add them to help out your fellow stitchers.)  Kathy used it to find a lot of fun places on her last trip but I'd love more feedback about whether this is useful for all parts of the U.S.  The site itself is very cluttered and full of ads but if it works, we can overlook that.

Gay Ann Roger's e-Week sale has started.  Time to stock up on her patterns because e-Week is just once a year and what is offered changes.  Some of the designs are brand new, some have been seen but never offered.  If you are a counted thread person, this is a Must Visit sale.  Make sure you read the E-Week News & Views section if you plan to buy anything, or if your favorite GAR design isn't pictured.

Because it is Halloween, how about a monster scissors fob?  The growling bead cracks me up but there is a more traditional Halloween fob at her Etsy store.

Finally, Stitcher's Workshop is having a big sale this weekend, starting Friday.  If you are in Arkansas, please visit.  If not, an Internet visit will do.

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