Sunday, June 14, 2020

And Now For Something New from Hook and Harbor

Hook and Harbor is a new designer who sells her work on Etsy.  Recently I mentioned her Harry Potter canvas.  It's not on the shop right now but I did notice she's doing something new—a mystery ornament of the month based on a theme and a thread of the month. UPDATE:  When I wrote this 10 days ago there were no Harry Potter themed canvases but they are back, including a new chocolate frog canvas, and there's a Hogwarts mystery club, too.

Here is what Hook and Harbor says about the Monthly Mystery Ornament Club:

"Join us for a monthly mystery club where each month you will receive an exclusive ornament canvas that corresponds to the theme for that month! These designs will be exclusive to club members until after a full calendar year when they will be added to the shop. So whether you want to increase your ornament stash or just gift yourself some happy mail, this is the club for you!

The theme will be announced prior to the start of each month and orders will be open until the first 7th of that month. Ornaments will be shipped out during the third week of the month. Ornament design size and canvas mesh will vary based on theme/design."

The thread of the month choices are a custom dyed thread that looks like the inspiration photo posted.  The photo is posted before the first of the month and orders are taken from the first until the 7th of the month.  Thread club orders are also shipped in the third week of the month.

It's a different approach and an interesting one.  Good luck with this, Kate!

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