Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Are You Tempted to Make Face Masks? Read This First UPDATED

As the epidemic rages on, more and more of us know someone who is sick or at great risk for getting sick and we all have local hospitals in need. Want to help by making masks?  First, you should read what Tricia Nguyen says about finding useful masks hidden in our houses.

If you don't have any supplies you've forgotten about or you want to make masks for your local UPS driver, read what Erin has to say.  Pay special attention to removing the mask and washing it frequently.  If someone in your house gets sick, having some of these ready will be very helpful but you'll need to know how to handle and clean them safely.

Here is the mask pattern he recommends.  There's even a video to help you make them.

Here's the Olsen mask template pattern.  See the box that says "Test Square" on each template pattern page?  If you print this page out, measure the box to make sure your box printed out around one inch square so you know you have a good template.

As I write this, my state doesn't mandate the wearing of masks in public to compare the coronavirus sweeping the world but I think it's only a matter of time—and of common sense.  Most of us have the skill to make our own but before you do, read what Johns Hopkins says about masks and their utility in preventing infection.  It really helps you understand how to protect yourself best, what masks can and cannot do and how to use a mask properly.

UPDATE:  Here's a needlepoint mask pattern but I'd only stitch this as a joke as it can't be washed.

UPDATE #2:  Needlepaint has instructions as to how to make your own mask.


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