Thursday, December 17, 2020

Let's Talk Finishing: The Pointing It Out Podcast

The Pointing It Out podcast talks ornament finishing in two sessions on YouTube.  Their point about really good communication being key is so important!

Round ornaments come in flat (or cookie) finishes, gusseted (or Oreo) finishes, and shaped finishes (those ornaments with a little hanger bulge on the top).  Rectangle ornaments, squares, stars and hearts are another type of ornament with more expense because the shape template isn't standard and each ornament has to be custom made.  More time equals more expense, people.  Candy canes are hard to finish because of the tiny space between the crook.  There are various types of mini sock or mitten ornaments, and a variety of little boxes that are open or just a square over a center styrofoam rectangle, plus little miniature tote bags, tiny dresses and shifts, kissing balls, and stuffed shaped figures like Santas and angels.

Did you know there's a real production of finishing an ornament?  That having initials and dates embroidered on the back adds at least two weeks to the finishing time?  

Don't forget to put your name and address and email address or phone number in the box when you send finishing.

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