Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Camouflage Bra and Tap Pants Set

As you probably guessed from yesterday's posting, my next project is one of SharonG's bra and tap pants sets. You can see many of her lingerie items on her website.  My camouflage bra and tap pants canvases are on page 4.

The above designs are on two 9x9 pieces of 18 count canvas.  I've owned these two canvases for a while.  They're a sort of joke as Chilly Hollow is very rural and in the middle of a mature oak forest. This means we are plagued by trespassing hunters almost every fall out to shoot deer.  I've been wondering how to frame the set (two matching frames?  a big frame with two-holed mat?) and how to stitch them the whole time I've owned them.

Then last fall an incredible resource opened up in the shape of a SharonG cyberclass on stitching her canvases sponsored by the Shining Needle Society.  The class is an ongoing one and is called The SharonG Network.  You can sign up for three month's worth or the whole year for a discount.  Head to the SNS website to join the Shining Needle Society and their Yahoo Group to see details about the class.  The next quarter should start in February.  I'll post details here when registration for the second quarter is open.

I signed up for the year and my first quarter's canvas was my camo bra and tap pants set.  SharonG has fabulous ideas for this canvas and with her help and encouragement, I'm coming up with more.  She has graciously agreed to let me stitch-blog the canvases here as I buckle down and stitch it.

Let me just say, what she suggested is about the last thing I would have thought of....

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