Saturday, October 7, 2023


The owner of Needlepoint for Fun has just discovered someone has copied their domain name almost exactly and is selling needlepoint supplies pretending to be the Needlepoint for Fun shop.

Since not everyone has a Facebook account and cannot read what was posted to NP Nation, I'll quote Patricia Dee (the owner of Needlepoint for Fun) here:

"Buyers Beware! I've recently discovered that a group has duplicated the needlepoint-for-fun website and is calling themselves "". The two companies are not related in any way. The Needlepoint-for-fun shop is currently disabled because of this issue. If you google Needlepoint-for-fun you will be directed to the other shop. If you purchase from this site you do so at your own risk, and the prices on the canvases and accessories have no relationship to those sold on Needlepoint-for-fun."

It's pretty low to copy a well established shop's name and domain to steal their business.  Stay away from this website.  Anyone trying to steal another's good name is likely not honest in other ways.

Once the real Needlepoint for Fun figures out how to combat this nasty behavior and is back online, I'll let you know.

UPDATE:  The real Needlepoint-for-Fun is back!  The link is below.  The fake shows up in Google searches so don't use that.  Use the right link with the dashes in the name and watch for the girl on the red sofa logo in the upper left corner of the website to make sure you are dealing with the original shop, not someone who stole their name to steal their business.  You don't want to deal with crooks online.

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