Friday, December 4, 2020

Gifts for the New (or Not) Stitcher

It's that time of year when we are racking our brains, trying to find the perfect gift for a stitching friend—or for a brand new stitcher.  I thought I'd assemble a few gift ideas from a couple of shops to make it easy to do mail order.  Remember, the delivery services are overwhelmed so if you don't have a local you can visit, order ASAP.  Already the post office's Priority Mail which normally takes two days is taking six!

First up, you can't stitch without scissors or needles.  How about these cute (and sharp) little pastel scissors?  They are great for a beginner or for a spare pair, or for travel.  These come in pink, lavender and blue but only pink are in stock right now at this shop.

You always need needles.  Bohin needles are wonderful.  Gift your stitching friends an assortment and remind them to keep spares in their wallets.  Size 22 is perfect for 18 count canvas but if your buddy prefers 13 count designs, buy them size 18 or 20.  

Many stitchers love magnets to put on their canvas to temporarily park a needle until they need it again.  They come in many styles and sizes, so you can find one that suits anyone.

How about a tote bag for that project canvas, threads and tools?  These come in various sizes and protect your project when you travel.  A bonus is you can easily see which project to grab when you are ready to stitch.

Of course you can gift a friend a stitch dictionary so they always have great stitches to choose from.  Stitches to Go is a classic and it is small enough to go anywhere.  True, it doesn't tell you where to use the stitches, but this little book distills the three volumes of the fabulous Stitches for Effect series into one little volume.

Another great portable choice is Carole Lake's Just in the Knick of Time, a book with both useful stitches and information on how and where to use them.

If you want to spend just a little more, how about you gift someone a fabulous cyberclass to keep them entertained this winter?  There's something to appeal to almost anyone here.

Hope this gives you some good gift ideas, even if it is just for your own wish list.

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