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The Newest Kreinik Colors UPDATED

Newest Kreinik Colors

I just got my hands on the newest colors from Kreinik.  That's what you see in the photograph above.   The two whites are both size 8 but the others are all size 4 which is what I use mostly. The white colors don't come in size 4 yet. The whites are 2132 HL (it has a gold highlight in it that is supposed to be copper but it looks golden to me) and 1232HL which has a distinct tinge of purple. Both are very pretty! Sorry you can't see the highlights in the photo but if you are in a shop that has them, ask to see the new colors. In good light the purple or copper-gold sheen is lovely.  By the way, the new whites are not the stark white of Marshmallow 5760 but more like 032 with additional colors mixed in.

The other colors are more muted. There are two purples--4206 is the lighter shade of pale, almost grayish purple and 5013 is the darker. The darker purple 5013 is shiny and unusual--it is a purple mixed with a sort of brick clay red. I think it is lovely but it is a flashy color.

There are two greens as well. 4203 is the darker olive green-gold and appears to have a touch of silver in it. 4201 is the paler light green.

The last set of colors are a light dull silver (4205) and 4204 which is a dark and dull charcoal with touches of silver. Both will be lovely for shading--we don't do enough shading of metallics in my opinion! The final color is 4202 which is a dull brown, again with silver. The 4201, 4202, 4203, 4204, and 4205 set are all shading colors similar to Kreinik colors that became unavailable due to Kreinik not being able to get the base materials. I think the 4206 is a new shade but the others substitute for older colors. 4203 is the most interesting of the lot. In some lights it looks golden. If you need a tarnished gold or gold with moss in it, I think this is the color.

Here are the new colors on Kreinik's blog and website.  The 4201-4205 series don't appear to be on their color card yet.

I urge you to take a look at the new colors in your favorite shop or on the Kreinik website, then look carefully at your next design.  Then tell Santa!  These will be terrific on the right canvas.

UPDATE:  Karen at Nimble Needle in NJ has a photo of the Kreinik whites and some words of wisdom about picking the right shade.

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