Monday, January 22, 2018

Threadaholic Alert: Tonkin Threads from France UPDATED

Thanks to the Needlework Retailer, I just heard about Tonkin Threads, a polyester metallic thread from France.  It is apparently 4-stranded but I am not certain it can be plied.

You can buy individual cards of it from Sajou in France. They describe it as "embroidery floss."

In the USA, Tres Chic Stitchery has collections in two colorways.

From just looking at the photos Tonkin Threads remind me of Rainbow Gallery's Entice or Gone Stitching's Twinkle although I don't think either of these can be plied.  If you try it, do let me know what you think about this new thread.

UPDATE:  Here's a bit more about Tonkin Threads from the Needlework Retailer.  Hummm….
"Puffed texture with glints of metallic" sounds an awful lot like DMC's Etoile metallic blended floss! Tonkin is a single strand, though.  Etoile is a six ply cotton blend floss.

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