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I've started to gather links to finishers to post here.  Businesses are listed in alphabetical order in three sections:  finishing businesses, shops that offer finishing, and belt/purse finishers.  The only finisher I've worked with on a regular basis is Sue Parsons of West Coast Finishing so Sue is the only one I can give a personal recommendation for.

With any finisher, talk in detail with them about what you want ahead of time and get a quote for that style and an idea of the timeline first.  Often shops that offer finishing services will have samples of trim and pillow backing fabrics for you to choose from.  Make sure you ask the shop or finisher whether you can send them the backing fabric you want and if there is any requirement about belt edging stitches, whether they want a row(s) of tent around an ornament or pillow, etc.?  The more specifics you give them, the better the result will be.  If you can show the finisher pictures of what you do and do not want, that is very helpful!  Megan of the Pointing It Out podcast on YouTube has a great interview with Teddy, who is her shop pillow finisher, that covers the various options available for pillow finishing.  If you have a pillow to finish, watch this first.  It'll help you understand what's available and what to ask for.

Remember that in 2020 everyone has been at home stitching like crazy since March, so finishing is going to take much longer than in past years.  The Christmas deadlines will have past for most finishing by the time I get this posted. In 2021 the finishing deadlines for Christmas are May-August so stitch like the wind!

If you know of a finisher or a shop with great finishing I haven't listed, let me know so I can add them to the list.  Just email me at  Thank you.

By the way, if you are looking for information on how to finish yourself, go here—

or here--

Nancy Lukoskie of FancyWork Finishing is now offering one-on-one classes on how to finish via Zoom.


Belt and Purse Finishing:

BeStitched Needlepoint (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Eye of the Needle (Kentucky)
The shop also finishes fobs I think; note that they charge less if you buy the belt canvas from them.  They also have a hobby belt designer in-house.

Hilltop Leather (Kentucky - also does key fobs but not purses)

M's Canvashouse (Kentucky)
All sorts of finishing but they do lots of purses and belts.  They used to finish NP slippers, too.

Marlene's Custom Pillows (note that Marlene's finishes almost anything; California) - Due to Covid, send items to their San Ramon, CA address on their home page, NOT the San Francisco one

Looks like Marlene's isn't going to be open for walk in customers any more per a June 15, 2021 posting on their Facebook page.  They are so busy that they really don't have time to discuss jobs with customers in person.

Mary Mac (New Jersey) - belts only but done with either leather or ribbon - 
Note that Mary Mac is retiring as of the end of July 2021.

Chuck Pinnel Custom Leather (Virginia)
Top of the line belts and purses.  You'll pay a lot but it'll be worth it.

Finishing Businesses:

Brandi Wright (Marietta, Georgia)

Cheryl's Needlepoint Finishing (Missouri)

Cindy McKown (Nashville, Tennessee)

Colleen's Frame Station (Miami, Florida)

Cynthia East Fabrics (Little Rock, AR- pillow finishing)

DecoWorks (location unknown)
Karen Meisel runs the company apparently

Devaris Finishing (Alexandria, Virginia)

FussyGussies (Atlanta, Georgia)
Etsy shop offering finishing for standups and ornaments.  Also does pillows, stockings and glasses cases.

HK's Needlepoint Finishing (Grand Prairie, Texas)
Karen Tran does stocking and ornament finishing.  There are links to further photos on her Instagram account at the bottom of her home page.

I.e., Finished (location unknown)

Island House Needlepoint (JoAnn Gardella, Norwalk, CT)
islandhouse needlepoint

Little Shop Around the Corner (Angela Vasquez, Albany, OR)
Does everything, including leather work.

Loops Custom Designed Needlepoint (Tel Mond, Israel)
Lisa offers custom designs and finishing. 

Marsye's Needlepoint Finishing (Mean, AR)
Does ornament and flat back finishing only per customers.

Marlene's Custom Pillows (Marlene's finishes anything, not just pillows)
Do not send to their San Francisco address-- use this address:
Marlene Custom Pillows
Attn: Patrick
11040 Bollinger Canyon Rd
San Ramon, CA 94582

Mess Makers 
Brandi Wright's finishing business is located in Marietta, Georgia.  She has a Facebook page but prefers folks use her website.

Needlepoint Finishing by Cindy (Petersburg, Virginia)
Cindy Bello Hills is the pillow finisher for Ehrman.  

Needlepoint Finishing Services (New York City)

Sandy's Finishing Touch (Sandy Higgins)

Spinningwheel Shop Needlepoint Finishings (Houston, TX)

The Finishing Touch (Deb Odgen, Colorado?)

The Needlework Finisher (Diana Sagmoe)

TJ Designs Needlework Finishing (Tamara Wilson)

Un Chiffon Fon Fon (Marsye Robbins in Tuscon, AZ)

Viola Needlepoint (needlepoint designer that also offers finishing services, Boca Raton, FL)
Finishing might be wholesale only.

West Coast Finishing (Sue Parsons, Albany, OR)

Shops that offer finishing services:

Please note that most shops have finishers but many don't mention this on their website.  Talk to your favorite shop about finishing before you go looking elsewhere.

Barbara's Needlepoint (Sioux Falls, SD)

Bayhead Needlepoint (Bayhead, NJ)

M's Canvashouse (Lexington, KY)

Needlepoint Breeze (Pittsburg, PA) (Raleigh, NC)

The Needlepointer (Edmunds, WA)

Needleworks LLC (Homewood, AL outside Birmingham)

Park Avenue Needlepoint (Dayton, OH)

Pocket Full of Stitches (Lubbock, TX)

Stitchers Paradise (Las Vegas)

Stitching Fox (North Carolina)
Also offers stitching services.

Sunnygirl's Stitches (Maryland?)

Two's Company (Rock Hill, SC)

UK Finishers:

If you have a local soft furnishings shop, see if they will block your needlepoint and make it up for you.

Jolly Red (Somerset) - As of March 2021, Jolly Red will no longer accept canvases for finishing that aren't Jolly Red.  They are just overwhelmed by all the stitching!

Tapisserie (London)

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