Friday, October 14, 2011

What Does the Needlepoint Fashionista Wear?

Recently I've been noticing something interesting in the photos of pieces folks are stitching that are popping up on their blogs and websites. Look at these photos from BeStitched, a shop in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Noticing anything?

How about this photo of one of the class pieces from an embellishment class Brenda Hart taught last week at Bedecked and Beadazzled in Baltimore, Maryland?

Now go check out Vickey's Witchy Poo Halloween cat. Vicky lives in California. Notice anything there?

Look at Michele's latest Halloween canvas.  Michele's in Florida, by the way.

Yes, stitchers from three different regions of the country are matching their needle magnet styles to the theme of their current canvas.  It's easy to do since there are so many beautiful magnets available there days.  Check out the Needle Buddies form Elizabeth Turner Collection.

Elizabeth Turner offers the little rhinestone studded critters you see above and Needle Bling, which are giant magnetic rhinestones (just in case you need to channel Elizabeth Taylor as you stitch).

Here are more Elizabeth Turner styles for the stitcher who needs a cupcake, a bird's nest, and a bug magnet for the three canvases in their rotation.

Of course there are the classic cameo-style magnets from Kelmscott Designs and the beautiful glass magnets from Custom House of Needle Arts. You can see the metal magnet sets from Puffin and Company here, too.

Want to see the latest Mag Friends (and matching Fob Friends for your scissors)?

Even Amy Bunger is hooked!

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