Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rushing Around Before More Snow

Today's going to be hectic as another foot of snow is expected here starting tomorrow morning, but I did want to let you guys know I did not finish the leaping deer background behind the SharonG camo bra. In the photo above you can see I fixed the deer legs that were too long, added some of my dwindling skein of Medici to the right hand column of deer, and worked my way up almost to the top of the canvas with t-stitches.  Judging from last night's progress, I will finish the background tonight.  I have about 20 rows to go to reach the top.   I can't wait!  I am dying to see how the beads look with the background.

The image above is not color adjusted.  Lots of you thought the background is too dark for the canvas so I omitted my usual step of enhancing the colors to make details more visible.  This photo maps to the actual colors better.  You probably thought the whole thing was darker than it actually is because I was artificially darkening the photo.

You may still think the background too dark (or too crowded or too something else) but that's ok.  There is no one "right" way to stitch a canvas.  It's all a matter of personal taste and my tastes could differ a lot from yours.  Suit yourself when you stitch.  You'll be happier with the end result if you express yourself, not someone else's ideas.

Now for the News portion of this blog entry.  Remember I mentioned yesterday that Anna-Marie Winter plans to add an article about doing photo transfers to her website? It's there now and is a fabulous guide to trying this technique.  Click on Transfer Printing on Canvas and enjoy!

I've also discovered that Rainbow Gallery is now selling their Petite Treasure Braid ("petite" is the right size for 18 count canvas) in a set of silver and gold shades.  I love this stuff!  I hope my LNS gets some of these color sets in. It's a lot cheaper to buy a color selection than one card of each of six colors when you don't use very much of any one metallic on your stitching.

Finally, Robin has located more Medici for me if I need it for the leaping deer background for the tap pants, but I probably will mix what I have left of my skein with my Burmilana.  I am enamored of the idea of having to camouflage the fact that I'm running out of a color on the backgrounds of the SharonG camouflage bra and tap pants set.

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