Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Gown Inspiration

I'm working away on Luna's gown.  Here's an overall progress photo which is not as good as the ones where I use the scanner but you can see how things are going.  I'm skipping around a little, trying to see how this will all look before I totally commit myself to solid beading at the hem.

Here's some inspiration--beaded gowns from Giorgio Armani.  The cut is similar to Luna's gown but these gowns are totally beaded or covered entirely in sequins or crystals.  This will help us better visualize how Luna would look if she came to life and walked off the needlepoint canvas.  Rachel's right, the beads will weigh down the hem if they are clustered there, but this is a velvet gown and the beads the tiniest crystals, just sparks of light.

Thinking about these lovely dresses keeps me plugging away at my beads and basketweave.

I've posted two new articles on the Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides blog.  The first is a link to Gone Stitching's stitch guides list on their website.  Since they have a wide selection of Judaic-themed pieces, this is a really good place to look for guides to such items.

The second is about Adrienne Spencer's guides.  Adrienne is a teacher and writer of custom guides for both needlepoint designers and regular stitchers like you and me.  She does lovely work so do check out her gallery.  She tells me she plans to update her website late this year with more information about her stitch guides, so bookmark this for a return later.

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