Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Counted Canvaswork Alert: Gay Ann Roger's Annual Sale Live

Here's a reminder to all counted canvaswork fans--Gay Ann Roger's annual sale started this morning.  This link goes straight to the sale items but on Saturday and Sunday morning limited numbers of special sale items will be on the home page until they sell out.

Gay Ann has new charts in this sale if you are a fan.  Remember, this is her one sale for the year and it only lasts a week.  Then Mail Jail starts for Gay Ann as she prints and ships everything she's sold.  You should have your goodies by mid-November unless there is a problem.

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Palma's Collages

As some of Blog readers already know, Palma Seljan loves the collages from Lani Enterprises.  With Palma's permission I've collected photographs of the collages she's finished and am posting them here for you to enjoy.  By the way, if you are interested in seeing more of Lani's collages, check out her website.

The newest collages from last winter are here but the Easter collage Palma is going to blog-stitch here  is not on the Lani website yet as it is brand new.

Now, let's see what Palma has done to date.


The most recent finished collage is Horses.  She just finished it last month.


Gourmet Framed

Before that Palma stitched Gourmet which has been framed.


Wine Framed

Wine is pretty amazing!  It was also framed.

The Sailboat Table

Sailboat might be my favorite as it just screams Ocean!  It was made into a table top.

The Alice Table

Alice was the first collage Palma stitched.  She was hooked!  It was also made into a table top.

If you have a Facebook account, friend Palma Seljan to see more of her incredible detail in these collages in her FB photo albums.

So which one is your favorite?

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A Newsletter and a Mystery UPDATED LOTS

The October newsletter for Bedecked and Beadazzled is out, full of class news plus the reveal of the Christmas mystery class Ruth Schmuff will do.  That Ruth is always full of surprises!  Who would have thought a Christmas stocking would be one of her mystery pieces....

UPDATE:  Here's a better look at the Tapestry Fair stocking.

UPDATE #2:  Ruth works three background areas, all using the same base stitch.

UPDATE #3:  Ruth works the tree with silk gimp--and reveals how to use this thread.

UPDATE #4: Ruth works the leaves and explains how the variety of stitches for them evolved.

UPDATE #5:  Ruth works the pears.  I think the only thing unfinished is the little partridge himself.

UPDATE #6:  The little partridge (and the stocking) is done!

UPDATE #7:  Two of the stockings finished with fur cuffs--elegant and different!

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