Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Whimsical Stitch Dances with Squares

Mary Legallet of Whimsical Stitch is doing something new on her blog--a month's worth of analysis of square stitches.   She starts off this week with variations of 4x4 squares--square stitches that cover four thread intersections high by four wide--and discusses various threads that will enhance each block of 4x4 patterns.  Mary posts on Wednesdays and occasional Sundays, so keep an eye out for more square stitches dancing around Mary's blog.

Mary goes back to the basics with this exploration of square stitches that cover an area that is two threads wide and two high. There are a LOT of them and all are perfect for that very small space.

Mary's next exploration area is the much larger 5x5 square.

Then she moves to her personal favorite, the 6x6 square.

Then we go back to the small 3x3 squares. which are a lot more elaborate than you would think in a such a tiny space.

The final dancing with squares is 9x9 combined with 3x3s.  It's a lot more interesting than boring plain 9s!

Remember to follow the links to her Pinterest and Instagram pages to see the diagrams and stitched examples. Thanks for the fun tutorial on square stitches, Mary!

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