Monday, March 28, 2011

Kurdy Briggs at Woodlawn 2011

Cleopatra's Eyes by Threedles
I've already mentioned how much I liked the two original geometric pieces that Kurdy Briggs displayed at Woodlawn this year.  Turns out she is a designer of counted canvaswork and the piece I liked best (Cleopatra's Eyes) will be available as a chart shortly.  The photo above is as close in color as I can get it to the very sophisticated color scheme of the original blue ribbon winner.  The photo came from Scarlet Thread's interview with Kurdy. 

Here is her website.  She produces various colorways of her designs, which is a nice touch, but let me tell you, the original of Cleopatra's Eyes is the one for me!  Here you can see a good photo of her other piece on display at Woodlawn through March 31--Looking Glass, which is pastels on black in the original I saw.

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A Glimpse of the New

Patt and Lee Belt
Janet Perry has written a posting about new threads, charts and painted canvases which are being released.  Sadly, there are no photos for us visual people.

Luckily Scarlet Thread believes in eye candy!  Want to see some new counted canvaswork pieces?  This is the place.

More Christmas Belt
Plus several designers have posted photos of their new painted canvases.  Want to see the new belts from Patt and Lee?  Scroll through the last few blog entries on their blog.  Check out the Christmas belt.  It has a LOT of possibilities!  I  like it so much I've posted a series of photos of different parts of the belt throughout this article.

Squiggee is going to put their new things on their website as they are created.  This is very good news for shops who can't make the trade shows.  Easy ordering from the Temptress of Painted Canvases....

Here is the newest thread from the Society of Soie Surfine.

Even more festive belt
Here are the new colors from Cottage Garden Threads.  All those photos are going to be very helpful for those trying to pick new colors for a project.

Finally, I have a review of Julia Snyder's latest book of blackwork patterns.

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