Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Odd and Ends (with Videos)

Are you a visual learner?  Are you curious about DMC's memory thread?  (That's the thread covered wire DMC sells.)  Then you'll have fun watching these two videos that demonstrate how to couch memory thread, how to make multi-colored twisted cord from it, and how to best shape and curve it into shapes like coils and bows.  When one video ends, the other will automatically begin.  These will take just over five minutes to watch.

Are you one of those folks who just loves stitching animals in needlepoint?  Then you are going to be very happy visiting Nenah's Needle.  I've been featuring a few of her designs as the Canvas of the Day recently because I like them a lot.  Many thanks to Judy Harper, who found this site and turned us all on to the lovely work here!

By the way, Anne of ABS Designs is stitching one of the Nenah custom dog pieces.  Isn't it darling?!

Do you avoid using overdyed threads on your geometric projects because you can't figure out how to balance the color on each section?  Jeanne has a great explanation of how she handles this problem on her blog.

Finally, I have a second video for you.  This one is from the owner of The Point of It All and it shows how to hold a belt canvas in your hand as you stitch it.  This is perfect for folks who hate using frames of any kind.

While you have fun, I'm going to go play around with stitches for Luna's full moon.

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