Wednesday, April 3, 2024

How to Needlepoint with Chipped Pearl Purl: The Movie

Ruth Schmuff is updating her Instagram and YouTube pages with short tutorial videos which show you how to do all sorts of amazing things on your needlepoint canvas.  This video explains how to use chipped pearl purl, a metallic thread that you cut into bugle-bead like lengths and attach just like a bead.  These go on top of yellow felt to help support them, give them dimension, and add a touch of color if you don't managed to cover the entire area properly.

This is what pearl purl looks like.  It comes in a variety of golds, silvers and coppers.  I think I've seen purple, too.  It also comes in various diameters.  

When working with it, use either scissors especially designed for metal threads or use a pair of scissors that aren't used for anything else.  Real metal threads will dull scissors quickly.

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