Thursday, September 17, 2015

Help Stitching Hair

Almost every needlepoint face is framed by hair--straight, curly, wavy, spiky, wild, or controlled.  So how do you stitch hair?  Let's ask the experts.  Here's a compilation of hair resources in various books, blogs, and videos.

Many folks have posted about how their created the specific hairstyle on their current project.  Maybe your hair puzzle can be solved by getting their help.  Want to try a wigmaker's knot?  Colleen has step-by-step instructions.

How about really really REALLY curly hair?  Sandy shows how easy it is to create.

Do you need flowing but curly locks?  This stumpwork tutorial by Anna is a lot easier than you would think hearing the word "stumpwork."

How about stylized wavy hair?  It's easier than you think if you use ideas from the great Amy Bunger like Steph did.

Four years ago (My!  How time flies!) I posted about hair on Blog and asked folks for their ideas based on a series of portraits from A Collection of Designs.  Here is the collective wisdom of many stitches.  Make sure you read the Comments section below the main article.

Ok, now we have hair, eye and skin ideas.  Now let's talk about stitches for faces next.

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