Sunday, October 24, 2010

Too Dark?

I finished stitching all of Luna's face and arms last night down to the back of her hands where her fingers start.  However I decide to handle her fingers and long fingernails, stitching them has to wait until after her long gown is stitched.  I'll also wait to stitch her amethyst ring.

Although the shadows on the side of her face and neck are stitched as painted, they seem a little dark to me.  What do you think?

Jane, pondering pulling out those sections and going a shade lighter

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Classes and Clubs

Lani's Santa Collage Stitched by Carolyn Hedge Baird for Chaparral

Time for another roundup of classes and clubs at some of our wonderful shops!

The photo above is a Lani Santa collage canvas which Carolyn Baird Hedge will teach at Chaparral starting in January.  This will be taught in sections and the class will end in August of 2011 so there will be plenty of time to make it up for Christmas next year.  I grabbed the photo from Chaparral's latest newsletter since it isn't on their project page yet.

Nashville Needleworks has a darling Easter egg club starting in January.

Needle House in Houston has a varied selection of previous clubs to choose from and they allow you to just buy the guide or just the canvas or the guide/thread kit.  Your choice!  (Click on the photos for a better look.)

Needlepoint in Paradise (that would be Naples, Florida) is starting a boot club and a star club for 2011.,com_virtuemart/page,shop.browse/category_id,154/Itemid,28/vmcchk,1/

Several designers have series that you can stitch to make your own club.  This is more fun for folks with a big stash or who have a nice shop nearby to find threads at, but it is a good option for the adventuresome stitcher.  First up is The Nativity from Mile High Princess.

Next is the Cajun Twelve Days of Christmas.  Since the book is a special favorite of my oldest friend, I can see stitching Two Voodoo Dolls in my future!  They also offer a cross series and a fleur de lis series for other tastes.  All are by Jude Designs, by the way.

Want something classic but different?  Jane Nichols' birdhouse ornaments are said to be fabulous when stitched.

Jane also does a Heart of the Month and a Chair of the Month series, where she takes a normal object and does lovely variations of it.

I have had Cheryl Schaeffer's Halloween lightbulb set recommended to me as a great do-it-yourself monthly club, perfect for using up those excess threads and having a great unusual set of ornaments for your next Halloween party.

That's it for now.  Many thanks to my spies who clued me in about many of the above!

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow Blogging at Archived Yahoo 360 postings at