Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Visiting Stitch

Horse Country Chic made a quick trip to my neck of the woods and visited Stitch in Middleburg.  The shop is only about an hour drive from me but it's in an area that is hard to reach and not close to any errands so I've never taken the time to visit.  Bad Jane!  It does sound like fun.

The equestrian and hunt canvases are very popular in the area because Middleburg is the center of a very wealthy horse farm area.  Think Jackie O and Mr. Mellon.  Needlepointers in the area are rather traditional so horses, dogs, belts, rugs, foxes and the like sell well here.  But as you can see, snarky canvases are also available.  Stitch sounds like an interesting shop!  Here is their website.  Right now they are open Wednesdays through Saturdays, although you can call and get them to open up just for you with a little notice.

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