Monday, August 9, 2010

Floral Background Comes Into View

Yesterday was hectic again, as we cleared up the downed trees and piled up wood to be split for the winter.  Chores are never done, are they?  I was so tired that I barely managed to finish Step 2a of the iPhone case's floral background and start on Step 2b.  You can see in the photo above how adding the + sign on top of the big X adds to the design.  I've done the first column on the left and started on the second.

In other news, The Needlepointer says the Tapestry Tent stockings in their trunk show are 10% off.  These are large stockings and are expensive but if you've fallen in love, you'll want to check out the trunk show due to this discount.

Vikki Clayton's e-newsletter this week mentioned a new product--paper linen.  Curious, I headed over to her website to see what on earth this is.  There are examples on the home page and free project instructions in the  "Articles and Information" link on the left side of the page in the Menu box which is the third box from the top.  Click there and then choose a project.

I've found an interesting collection of Oregon canvases at The Playful Needle.  Normally I see state canvases for places that draw a great many tourists (Florida or Cape Cod) but these are interesting and fun for anyone who has ties to the state.

I have two more monthly clubs to mention:  Family Arts has a Halloween ornament of the month club and a Christmas ornament of the month club for the reasonable price of $40 for each one.

Little Shoppe of Stitches has added a Twelve Days of Christmas ornament set to their collection of clubs.  These ornaments are notable because they are shaped like pears.

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